Kudos for Vanna, her programs, and her effectiveness.

What a success Impressions has been! I continue to get positive feeedback; not only from participants but from our instructors as well. One of the most common positive comments I hear about the Train the Trainer session you did is how much they value your sensitive, but forthright feedback. I continue to learn and grow from watching and working with you as we develop programs for our Customer Service Agents.

Airport Services Manager, Alaska Airlines

Vanna, you know already but it’s always nice to hear again – you’ve done a terrific job for us! Not only have we received lots of compliments and thanks about your program, but I am SEEING and HEARING the difference. One of our freshly minted project managers who’s never interviewed before but attended one of your intense trainings turned in an impressive performance both VERBALLY and PHYSICALLY. I could just sense your training in the background. Many, many thanks. Please use me as an enthusiastic reference for your training.

Director of Marketing, Lease Crutcher Lewis

I received two e-mail messages Friday afternoon from the class participants, thanking me for arranging the program and extolling your praises. On Tuesday, it was announced to 40 of our senior consultants that the program was ‘One of the best investments we’ve ever made.’ Several others from your class then spoke up on what they had found valuable. Well done!

Market Development Consultant, Milliman and Robertson, Inc.

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to work with you! You’re a meeting planner’s dream come true:  an outstanding speaker with a great style, timely and versatile information, and a warm and wonderful personality. It’s no wonder that our members love you! Vanna, thanks again for your significant contributions to the success of our conference. I look forward to working with you again next year!

Conference Coordinator, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

We’re still talking about you and your presentation! Thank you for two witty, informative, and energizing sessions. The group of executives you worked with are managing multiple priorities in a very fast paced business environment. It is never easy to get them to come to a “training” session, or take time out from very busy schedules. We were thrilled to hear their very positive feedback on the program!

Director, Executive Placement, Macy's

You did a FANTASTIC job. I was so incredibly motivated by your talk and the clients just ate you up. I need to go through one of your classes to fine tune my skills. Your presentation will be forever imprinted on my mind!

Director, Client Services, Russell Invesment Group

Wow! What a presentation! I don’t recall ever seeing a more positive response to a program or speaker. The comments on the attached evaluation summary speak for themselves. But clearly you were a huge hit and in great demand to return!

Vice President of Programs, Society for Marketing Professional Services

As our association name implies, we can be a tough bunch of prima donnas when it comes to conferences. Occasionally, presenters are greeted by our members with a ‘been there, done that’ attitude. You are clearly an exception! I was delighted at the many positive comments of praise I heard from our people about your presentation. They felt they heard something new and that you were speaking to them personally about things important to them. You are a top notch professional and without gimmicks or gags, you held everyone’s attention throughout the morning in a direct, delightfully entertaining and fresh way. Thank you for helping to make our conference a great success!

Director, Association of Collegiate Conference and Event Directors - International

Your enthusiasm for the participants of EDI and your belief in our mission is exceedingly valued. The session evaluation is attached for your use and information. Congratulations, once again ‘you’re the bomb’ with perfect scores!

Executive Director, Executive Development Institute

The overall evaluations and verbal feedback I received were overwhelmingly positive. Kudos to you for all your hard work and dedication to this Institute. I’ve included quotes collected from participants for use in our marketing materials. I hope it gives you a sense of the gratitude they felt for your efforts. It was truly a privilege working with you. I look forward to our next Institute!

Program Manager, UCLA Anderson School of Business

Discover New Ways to Present Yourself

Part of being a leader is to be able to exude credibility and competence while building an emotional connection with the audience. Learning to speak persuasively is a crucial leadership quality that is a central take-away in my workshops.

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