Get to the Point!

For Women in Business Who Mean Business

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to work with you! You’re a meeting planner’s dream come true:  an outstanding speaker with a great style, timely and versatile information, and a warm and wonderful personality. It’s no wonder that our members love you! Vanna, thanks again for your significant contributions to the success of our conference. I look forward to working with you again next year!

Conference Coordinator, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

You’ve done a terrific job for us! Not only have we received lots of compliments and thanks about your program, but I am SEEING and HEARING the difference. One of our freshly minted project managers who’s never interviewed before but attended one of your intense trainings turned in an impressive performance both VERBALLY and PHYSICALLY. I could just sense your training in the background. Many, many thanks. Please use me as an enthusiastic reference for your training.

Director of Marketing, Lease Crutcher Lewis

Confidence and Competence.

Women have traditionally been viewed as effective team players, good with details, follow-through, and offering support.

They have also been viewed as the “feelers” within the organization rather than the “thinkers.” While these traits are important, of equal importance is the ability to develop and project a business image of confidence and competence.

Get to The Point! offers women the necessary skills that will help them to gain respect, get listened to, and get results in business.

  • Avoid mannerisms and behaviors that damage your credibility
  • Speak with power and authority to convince and persuade
  • Eliminate words and phrases that will label you as “weak  or a “pushover”
  • Gain positive visibility within any organization and position yourself for success
  • Get your message across quickly, clearly, and concisely
  • Use nonverbal communication to gain respect and be heard
  • Handle conflict and avoid being viewed as too emotional or defensive
  • Develop a communication style and image that will get you results without the loss of goodwill or respect

Program Goal

This program is designed specifically for women who are serious about being taken seriously in business. It explores problems and challenges that women commonly face as business professionals and offers specific solutions to help avoid or overcome them. Through substantive content and a dynamic delivery, Vanna Novak offers a high energy, interactive session with practical results!

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