Straight Talk for Tough Situations

How to Communicate Effectively When the Going Gets Rough

You did a FANTASTIC job. I was so incredibly motivated by your talk and the clients just ate you up. I need to go through one of your classes to fine tune my skills. Your presentation will be forever imprinted on my mind!

Director, Client Services, Russell Investment Group

We’re still talking about you and your presentation! Thank you for two witty, informative, and energizing sessions. The group of executives you worked with are managing multiple priorities in a very fast paced business environment. It is never easy to get them to come to a training session, or take time out from very busy schedules. We were thrilled to hear their very positive feedback on the program!

Director, Executive Placement, Macy's West

Effective Communication

It’s easy to be an effective communicator when we’re all agreeing and everybody’s getting along.

But what happens when difficult situations arise where your reputation as a professional or even your job might be at stake? Do you know how to effectively handle these tough situations on the job?

As experienced professionals, most of us have learned to respect differing points of views, not cause others public embarrassment, and to avoid conflict and confrontation. While these are beliefs that serve us in many ways, they can also doom us to be totally ineffective in dealing with conflict at any level. Sometimes we would rather pretend that it’s not happening than to risk offending anyone and possibly damaging the relationship.

But as we all know, conflict in our relationships is unavoidable and a very natural part of doing business or managing a team. Where there is work to be done, there will be conflict.

In this breakout session...

In this breakout session, you will learn about:

  • The 15 most critical human relational skills
  • The most powerful behaviors in establishing rapport
  • What to do and say when you were wrong
  • Deal with others’ sensitivities
  • Disagree without destroying the goodwill in a relationship
  • Ask for change in chronic, negative behavior that is directly impacting your results
  • Offer criticism or negative feedback without damaging the relationship
  • Handle conflict and angry complaints being directed at you
  • Say “no” when it’s necessary … even to your boss or a client

Program Goal

Straight Talk for Tough Situations is an interactive program that will provide you with practical skills that you will be able to put to immediate use. Join us and learn how to form favorable impressions and avoid costly mistakes when communicating in difficult situations.

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