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An Interview with EDI’s Co-Founders

As EDI's 20th anniversary celebration drew near, they interviewed EDI’s co-founders, Ted Yamamura and Vanna Novak to get a glimpse of what EDI was like 20 years ago, and how far it has progressed since then. Keep reading to see a spectacular interview with EDI’s very...

Eye Contact – A Declining Communications Tool?

(Reposted from Quantified Impressions: Professional Communication Analytics) A recent article from the Wall Street Journal discusses the effects of declining eye contact in the workplace, citing our own research on ideal eye contact behavior, and we wanted to share...

Skyrocket your chances of winning contracts

The current economic climate is uncertain at best and AEC firm leaders need solid information to plan their strategies for the coming year. Given the uncertain future, what can give your architecture, engineering, construction, or environmental firm an extra edge on...

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